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We foster a vibrant and inclusive learning community to empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full potential. Through innovative teaching and learning, cutting-edge research, and transformative events, we inspire intellectual curiosity and creative practice, driving societal progress.


About GLAD

GLAD, born from the recognition of technology's transformative power, seeks to bridge the digital divide. Its founders envisioned a platform fostering positive change and inclusivity. In 2020, they observed technology's rapid reshaping and the growing digital gap. Comprising educators, researchers, and technologists, GLAD aims to bridge this divide through education and collaboration. Utilizing online platforms and virtual conferences, they offer global accessibility. Their dedication has built a network of contributors across fields. GLAD remains committed to evolving in the ever-changing tech landscape, empowering individuals and organizations in the digital age, ensuring no one is left behind, and enriching futures in our evolving world.

Vision & Mission

Vision: Empowered and inclusive world

Mission: To educate, research, publish, and engage individuals, communities, and institutions with the use of opportunities provided by the digital space.

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What makes us special

hook not fish

We facilitate you to do it yourself.

your way

We encounter you as you prefer it.

always there

We are where you are.


At GLAD, we pride ourselves on meeting you where you are, delivering education, research, and publishing services that resonate with your preferences, and also that we can empower you to do it yourself. No matter where you are in the world, our commitment to reaching you with exceptional service delivery remains unwavering. We're here to empower your journey with the personal touch you deserve.



At GLAD, we stand at the intersection of expertise, growth, and excellence. Guided by distinguished educators, esteemed researchers, and industry leaders, we are committed to empowering your journey, fuelling your growth, and pursuing unwavering excellence in education, research, and publishing.

pursuit of excellence

With unwavering dedication, we uphold the highest standards of quality, ensuring every endeavour achieves excellence in education, research, and publishing

fuelling your path to growth

We nurture your intellectual journey, fostering personal and professional development in an environment of continuous learning. 

commitment to expertise

Guided by seasoned educators, renowned researchers, and industry-leading experts, we empower you with insights to inspire success.


I had an excellent discussion with one of their experts on the topic of human relations. It was a wonderful experience. That humans are humans because of relations is what I got.

(Concerta Tshikesho)

They transformed my research work with precision and clarity. Their editing expertise, like a guiding light, ensured that my content was refined; they truly elevated my work: get your work to these experts, you will never regret.

(Mujwa Livinus)

I read the publication on stress. It humbly unlocks the pathway to living a happy life and freely offers insights to get to a stress-less and stress-free life in our daily lives. The book is directive and compelling

(Stanslaus Msuya)